iPhone 3G/3GS Silent Switch Cap Replacement

iPhone 3GS Repair ToolsBefore you begin
  • Read this website's Legal Guidelines and make sure you understand the risks of this repair. Place your iPhone 3GS on a clean flat and soft surface, such as a rubber mat or a piece of soft cloth and get the required opening tools and suction screen lifter.

  • Follow the steps of the iPhone 3GS ringerswitch replacement guide until you removed the front panel.
    Step 2

    Once the iPhone 3GS logic board has been removed, it should look like this.
    Step 3
    Remove the first screw of the attenna as demonstrated.
    Step 4

    Carefully ease off the iphone 3GS wifi antenna flex cable.
    Step 5
    Side view of the missing iPhone 3G 3GS silent switch.

    Step 6
    There will be two phillip screws holding the silent vibrator in place. Remove them.
    Step 7
    Once the screws have been removed, the switch should be free from the iPhone casing.
    Step 8
    Side view of the Silent vibrator switch on the iphone 3G 3GS model.