iPhone 3G/3GS Digitizer Repair & Screen Replacement - Using Suction Grabber

iPhone 3GBefore you begin
  • Read this website's Legal Guidelines and make sure you understand the risks of this repair. Place your iPhone 3G on a clean flat and soft surface, such as a rubber mat or a piece of soft cloth and get the required opening tools.

  • Turn your iPhone 3G on its back.
    Step 2

    Remove the 2 phillips head iphone dock screws at the base of the iphone.
    Step 3
    Using suction cup grip the bottom half of the glass right above the menu button.  Make sure that the suction cup tool is sitting flush and that every part of the circle is on the glass.

    Step 5
    Pull Up and away from the base of the iphone almost like you would open a book. You can try to pull it straight out at first to get it out of the frame but once at this point to not keep pulling straight out because you can damage iPhone proximity sensor cables that are connecting the glass to the logicboard.  After it is released pull it towards the top and outwards.  Look below to see the iphone 3 cables and make sure you do not tear them by applying too much pressure.

    Step 6
    Release the 3 cables with a flathead screwdriver.  Do this carefully and slowly since they are delicate.  For cable 1 and 2 i like to put the flat head below the cable and rotate easing the cable off the iphone 3G mainboard.  For #3 use the flathead to lift that latch and then just pull upwards and it should come right out.  Be careful on the flap it is delicate.
    Step 12
    This is what the iphone looks like when you completely remove the glass/lcd from the iphone 3G logicboard.
    Step 15
    The iPhone 3G Glass/digitizer assembly is held together by 6 screws one that is covered by black adhesive tape as you see in the picture.
    Step 16
    Remove the tape and you will see a philips screwdriver.  Do not worry about removing the tape it is unimportant.  On this side ther eare 2 other screws towards the center.  Remove them.

    Step 17
    On the other side there are 3 more screws that needs to be removed to release the LCD from the glass.

    Step 18
    Use the philips head to remove the screws.
    Step 21
    There is one screw that does not sit on the side of the glass/lcd but on the top and it is flat with the glass/lcd.  It will be on the upper right hand corner of the glass/lcd.  Remove this screw.
    Step 22
    With a plastic tool wedge between the metal extensions of the glass and iphone LCD. Do not force them to seperate or you may crack you LCD.  Do it where applying a very slight pressure to create space.  It should almost lift out naturally.

    Step 23  
    Hint: Use a hair dryer to heat up the assembly before you try to remove the glass. The glue will become much weaker when warm.
    Once the screen is removed you can then remove the plastic black frame from the glass.  This is done by creating space with the green tool.
    If the glass breaks wear GOGGLES
    Step 24
    Go along the edge creating space between the glass and the black frame.

    Step 25
    The top and the bottom are a little more difficult and are connected using double sided tape.  If you need to you can use a flathead to create a starting poing of seperation for the green tool to pry them apart.

    Step 26
    I prefer using the green tool for this but you can also use a flathead.  Again all you are basically doing is easing the glass and the black metal frame away from each other.
    Step 27
    Once the glass is removed you can lift it off the frame and use that as and angle to try to remove the other side of the iphone.  Do the same procedure since they are both double sided taped the same basic way.  Be sure to careful of the menu bottom cable on the bottom since you do not want to break it.

    Step 28
    If there are any left over shards of glass you can remove them using a the flathead screwdriver.

    Step 29  
    Ease some space below the glass using the flathead and the glass will come off easily. 
    You can now install the new 3g Glass/digitizer.