Video or Voice Chatting for Android 2.3.4 from Google

Good news for Android lover as Google has announced to bring Video/Voice chat in Gtalk with Android 2.3.4. Google will start updating Nexus S via OTA within next two weeks. The update brings some bug fixes but the major is it will bring enhanced chatting in Gtalk.

This is the most amazing feature that Google will bring to their next Android update and the Android user will love this. User will connected to their families, friends and colleagues over wireless connection on 3G, 4G or wi-fi for video or voice chat on Gtalk. You just need to tap video or voice chat button to your contacts list to connect with your friends.

Google will first start updating to the Nexus S and later to other devices. Google also promises to give some surprise to Nexus S user in the future. For now enjoy video and voice chatting on Android 2.3.4.

Source: Google Mobile Blog