Charging Phones without a Charger

Your phone battery can literally make or break your day. Imagine yourself expecting a very important call. Let us say - a big business deal. If your phone battery is fully charged, you feel more relaxed. You are ready to receive the call anytime. But when your phonebattery has just one bar remaining, you suddenly panic. Your phone may likely die any moment. And worse, you forgot you charger at home. Well, hold your horses. Your case is not hopeless. Here are some suggestions on how you can charge your phone battery without its charger:
  • Rely on a laptop or a desktop to save your day.First, turn off your phone. If what you have around is a laptop, look for the USB cord. Use it to sync your unit into the laptop. When the connection is made, expect your phone battery to begin generating power from the laptop’s battery. No sweat, right? Note, however, that the charging process here is a bit slower. Bear in mind that you don’t have the luxury of being connected to a direct power source. Phone battery charging is certainly faster when you siphon off power from an outlet in your vehicle or from a wall socket. You should also see to it that the laptop is connected to a power source. You don’t want to create another hassle. You don’t what to drain the laptop’s battery while charging your phone battery.

  • On the other hand, if you have access to a desktop, search for the USB outlet. Again, let your phone battery get its charge from the desktop’s electric power. Keep your phone battery there until you are confident that you can already accomplish your phone work.
  • Pull off a MacGyver stunt. Scour for a knife, a pair of pliers, or anything with a sharp blade. Use it to take out the plastic casing that protects the cable. Be careful here. There is no room for error. You can’t afford to damage the wires inside the cable. When you have successfully removed the plastic casing, find the cord. It has four color-coded wires. Set aside the black wire and the red wire from the other two. Check out the open endings of the black wire and the red wire. You should see some sort of insulation material that covers them. Prepare to remove them cautiously.
  • When the insulation material is gone, you are ready to connect the wires to your phone battery. Proceed by taking out your phone battery from your phone case. Inspect it closely. You should find two indicators: the positive (+) and the negative (-). Position the red wire directly towards the positive indicator. Meanwhile, aim the black wire straight to the negative indicator. Return your phone battery into your phone. Let the wires get trapped between the terminal points in your phone and your phone battery. That should do the trick. Regain your composure when your phone starts charging.
Avoid this kind of situation. Always keep your phone charger in your bag. When it is handy, you readily save yourself from panicking when you phone battery is about to be dead again. Or, you can make a habit out of charging your phone battery before you rest in the evening.